Pizza Nova: celebrating 60 years of authentic Italian pizza and philanthropic commitment

Pizza Nova, a beloved name in the Ontario food industry, has a rich history dating back to its founding by Italian immigrants Sam Primucci and his brothers, Mike, Vince, and Joe. The journey began in 1963 when their first location opened at the corner of Lawrence Avenue East, just west of Kennedy Road in Toronto. Since then, Pizza Nova has become synonymous with fresh, high-quality Italian cuisine.

Pizza Nova has been a trusted friend and partner of ICCO Canada contributing to the success of several events such as the Business Excellence Awards (BEA) and Pentola d’Oro Awards. In recognition of his contributions and milestones, Sam Primucci, the founder of Pizza Nova, was awarded the Global Success Award in the 2005 BEA and a plaque to commemorate his life achievement in the 2022 Pentola d’Oro Awards. He was also the recipient of the 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year by Canadian Immigrant Magazine and one of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants. This award celebrates his journey as an immigrant entrepreneur who has made a significant mark in the Canadian business landscape. His son, Domenic Primucci now president of the company, was awarded the Italy-Canada Award in the 2016 Pentola d’Oro Awards.

Pentola d'Oro 2022

From left to right, Pat Pelliccione – ICCO Canada Co-President, Tony Altomare – ICCO Canada Co-President, Sam Primucci, Corrado Paina – ICCO Canada Executive Director

“Building on a rich history of collaboration, ICCO Canada and Pizza Nova share not just a business relationship but a genuine friendship. Our enduring partnership is rooted in mutual respect, a commitment to supporting each other’s endeavours, and a shared passion for bringing authentic Italian values and flavours to our Canadian community. Having travelled Italy alongside Domenic and Sam, their trips from the North to the South have made them exceptionally familiar with the country — its locations, monuments, landscapes, and the excellence of the Italian agrifood cluster hold no mystery for them” says Corrado Paina, Executive Director of ICCO Canada.

What sets Pizza Nova apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. The company’s promise is built on the foundation of using only the finest ingredients sourced from farmers and producers who share their dedication to excellence. This dedication extends to their recipes and preparation methods, ensuring that each dish is as fresh as it can be. Pizza Nova is renowned for its fresh toppings, authentic Italian menu items, and a wide range of delicious options, including lasagna, panzerotti, Italian sandwiches, chicken wings and arancini.

“At Pizza Nova, authenticity isn’t just a commitment; it’s the essence of our craft, capturing the true spirit of Italy. We prioritize authentic Italian ingredients, leveraging the unique qualities of Italian territories. Our pledge is to source only the best from farmers and producers who share our dedication to quality. Every recipe and preparation method reflects this unwavering commitment” says Domenic Primucci, president of Pizza Nova.

Throughout the years, Pizza Nova has been a cherished fixture in the Italian-Canadian community and all of Ontario. As the company celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023, they are honouring their roots and the community that supported them by making a substantial contribution. The Primucci family is the epitome of commitment at work and in society. They are skilled entrepreneurs with a keen awareness of social issues.

Pizza Nova recently donated $1 million to the Scarborough Health Network Foundation, commemorating its first Scarborough location as well as the company’s 60th anniversary. In addition, Pizza Nova supports local communities through initiatives like their annual That’s Amore Pizza for Kids, which has raised over 2$ million for Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ontario, as well as contributing to causes like Student Nutrition Ontario, Villa Charities, Breast Cancer Research and SickKids Foundation, exemplifying their commitment to philanthropy.

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Pizza Nova has also launched a limited-edition collection of exclusive merchandise inspired by retro logos and symbols from Pizza Nova’s history.

Real leaders among the Canadians of Italian origin and pillars of the relationship between Italy and Canada, Pizza Nova’s story is one of delicious Italian cuisine, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a deep connection with the communities they serve. As Pizza Nova celebrates 60 years of culinary excellence, their contributions to various causes reflect its enduring commitment to making a positive impact. Pizza Nova isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a cherished part of Canadian culture and community.


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