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Nov 20
Italianismi – Local flavours, Italian excellences and their imitations around the world

In this chapter of the series "Italianisms in the World", Francesca Cupelloni from…

Nov 16
Italianismi – From Italy to the rest of the world

Simone Pregnolato explores this linguistic and culinary journey in this chapter of the…

Nov 15
Italianismi – Fairytale food

The third chapter “Italianismi nel mondo”, by Monica Alba, retraces the history of…

Nov 14
Italianismi – The fragrance of coffee

The second chapter of “Italianismi nel mondo”, by Chiara Murru, explores the rich…

Nov 13
Italianismi – Pasta: a truly Italian Passion

"Italianismi nel mondo" is a project by Casa Artusi in collaboration with the Italian…

Jun 26
Finishing | Obsessed with Olive Oil Documentary

Producers of olive oil are dedicated to creating new and improved extra virgin olive…