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I include myself in the new wave of olive oil producers, growers, millers, tasters and the new generation of people returning to the olive groves and bringing them back. I have become obsessed and laser-focused on the quality of the product.

I understand the traditions behind olive oil. I understand what it means when it’s harvest time. I appreciate the importance of olive oil as a whole to our culture, to the table, and our food. 

The New Element in Olive Oil Production

As new producers of olive oil, we have discovered a thrilling new aspect of our craft. Like artisans, we are compelled by the innate human drive to improve ourselves and our work continuously. This same drive pushes the boundaries of olive oil production, resulting in increasingly superior products each year.

We now have access to olive oils that maximize polyphenolic content and antioxidant levels, enhancing their health benefits. Alternatively, we can create olive oils with a smoother, more subtle flavour profile. This innovative approach is a testament to our dedication to the artistry of olive oil production and our unwavering commitment to refining our product year after year.

The New Olive Oil

The emerging olive oil culture has brought about unique experiences for consumers, allowing them to distinguish between their first taste of olive oil and their first taste of high-quality olive oil. The latter is a completely different experience from the usual store-bought frying oils, with its spicy and flavorful notes that leave a pleasant tingling sensation at the back of the throat.

These new olive oils have taken the spotlight as the primary ingredient in dishes, inspiring entire menus to revolve around their distinct flavour profiles. Olive oil has always been a significant part of our cultural heritage and continues to evolve in exciting ways. For me, the best extra virgin olive oil is a gift from nature’s olive groves, and it’s my passion and mission to spread this knowledge to everyone.

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To your health


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